Birmingham House Clearance

Birmingham House Clearance

Birmingham House Clearance


House Clearance Birmingham is owned and operated by Totally Cleared, the property clearance experts. Having the ability to clear almost any property, of almost anything.

Having been clearing properties throughout the Birmingham area for a number of years, we have the expertise, knowledge and know how, to ensure that your property is cleared in a calm, professional and timely manner. This covers anything from a little garden shed, right the way up to a factory, and everything in between.

Being licensed waste carriers, means that we are legally allowed to transport your rubbish form your property to the local tip. Our waste carriers status can be checked online, by using Google with the term ‘check waste carriers license’. Many clearance companies either don’t have a carriers license, or the wrong one. Ours is the upper tier, and we are licensed waste transporters and brokers. Our license number is CB/BM3248HG.

There are 10 main districts in Birmingham, and we offer Birmingham House Clearance in them all:

Edgbaston, Erdington, Hall Green, Hodge Hil, Ladywood, Northfield, Perry Barr, Selly Oak, Sutton Coldfield and Yardley.

Birmingham House Clearance

We offer a couple of different domestic services, that can help landlords and property owners get their properties clean and tidy again.

Full or part clearance – This may be where a relative has died, or the property has been abandoned, and all or some of the property needs to be removed. When we conduct a full property clearance, we clear everything! Unlike many ‘charity’ house clearance companies who only take what they want, leaving you to clear the rest. We take the rubbish, and the re-usables, ensuring we recycle or reuse whatever we can.

Clear and clean – Ideal for end of let, or student lets. We will come in after the tenant has moved out. We will remove anything that isn’t on the inventory, including all the rubbish. We will then hover / sweep throughout, wipe down work tops and surfaces, and place an air freshener into most rooms. Please note:- This is not a full and complete clean.
We also clear the outside areas, including any rubbish that may have been left on the street outside the property. We empty all wheelie bins, and recycling bins. When we are finished, all the rubbish is gone.

Full Clear and Total Clean – This is for houses that are rammed packed by hoarders, or totally destroyed by the previous tenants. This is where we would come in, remove all the rubbish, and give the entire property a complete clean from top to bottom.
This is a great way to regain your property, and get it back into usage. It doesn’t matter how many the previous tenants have left it, we will get it empty and clean once again.

If you have a property in Birmingham, and you need to use our Birmingham House Clearance service, pick up the phone and give us a call today. Our number is 0121 3188 400.