House Clearance FAQs

House Clearance FAQs

We often get asked the same questions again and again, so we have compiled this handy little FAQ section, that we hope will answer will many of your questions.

How much will it cost me?

This is the question that everyone asks. On some occasions we can provide quotations by email, after being sent pictures of the property to be cleared. On other occasions, we just need to pay a quick visit to the property, to see how much is to be cleared.
We have 3 different ways of how we charge for the work to be undertaken.

  1. If the property has enough goods that can be sold by us, to cover the cost of the clearance and associated fees, we will offer to pay you money, to clear the property.
  2. If the property has some items that can be sold by to us to cover our cost, we may offer to undertake the clearance for no charge.
  3. If the property mainly has items that we cannot resell, we will quote for the cost of removal and safe disposal of the contents.

The vast majority of the jobs we undertake are option 3.

Does (Can) someone be there whilst you are clearing the property?

Does someone have to be there? No. We can collect a key from a place you specify (like a neighbour, solicitor, estate agent etc), and conduct all the required work without being supervised. We will take before and after pictures and let you see what work has been undertaken.

Can someone be there? Of course. We welcome having anyone you would like, to be around.

What happens to the contents you remove?

Depending on what the contents are, depends on what we do with them. If it is rubbish, and can be recycled then it is taken to the appropriate recycling centre to ensure it is reused. If it is non-recyclable rubbish, then we have to send it to landfill. Items such as clothing, shoes, books etc are donated to charity. Other saleable items that are removed we attempt to sell on either via auction houses, online stores, or our network of contacts.

Is there anything you won’t remove?

Yes. We do not remove asbestos, explosives or any hazardous chemicals. We will advise you if we find any while we are clearing the property, or point them out during the quotation. This does not include normal household chemicals.

If we find any important paperwork, family items, or sentimental items etc, these are all put into a separate bag, and either left for you to collect, or delivered to an address of your choosing.

What properties do you clear?

We clear all properties, not just houses. This includes Flats, Bungalows, Shops, Units, Storage Lockers, Yards, Factories, Industrial Premises etc.

Who do you work with?

We work with many different people and organisations. This includes; Estate Agents, Solicitors, persons, landlords, property management companies etc.

I’m a Landlord and have many properties, can you do me a deal?

Normally, yes. However you are advised to contact us to discuss.